The 2nd Zé Marcello inter-club tournament, Geneva

Saturday September 25th 2010, we are heading out to rampage and pillage once again! This time it’s in Geneva, Switzerland and it is an excellent opportunity to sample the adrenaline of competition for the first time for some as it’s the Second Zé Marcello Inter-club Championship where Zé Marcello Association team members from all over Europe will meet to test themselves, share techniques and forge new friendships for the future – growing together as a team!

We will fly from Luton airport landing at Geneva with Easyjet, usually no more than 30-40 pounds. The venue itself is 5 minutes from the airport and there are plenty of hotels for all budgets.

Details are below so if you are interested, get on the case and book your flights soon, check the links below or speak to Del about the trip. Having done the trip a few times before, it seems to be least disruptive to try to fly out on Friday and come back on Sunday. Whatever happens though, its always a great experience!

Saturday, September 25, 10:00am – 5:30pm

Dojo Bellavista, Meyrin, Geneva, Switzerland.


Link to Facebook event page:!/event.php?eid=132304413462736&ref=mf

Zé Marcello BJJ UK website:


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