English Open 2010 success!

We prepared well for the English Open national championships and it showed in our performances! Win or lose everyone competed with heart and did the club and Luton Town proud and we received quite a few compliments from onlookers noting our high level performances for such a newly established team. Well done team!

We’ve only been going for a matter of months but what we achieved last weekend shows the potential for what may be if the team continues to progress. Well done everyone who stepped up and represented, this is just the start!

Results for Zé Marcello Team:

Gold, 88Kg Masters White Daddy Babulko
Bronze -76Kg Adult White Michael Peachy
Silver -64Kg Masters White Ian Reid
Silver Absolutes adult white Jefferson George
Gold -42Kg Jay Herridge (RGA Mill Hill/Zé Marcello)
Gold -50Kg Jaden Nembhard Gill
Gold -60Kg Bartosz Boho
Bronze -70Kg Rafal Laskowski
Bronze -76Kg Hayden Wells
Gold -88Kg Masters purple Delroy McDowell
Gold -88Kg Adult purple Tom Jermy

Image courtesy of premier BJJ Journalist and blogger: Meerkatsu

Morefire Team in action, videos here:-

Morefire Youtube Channel


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