ICON Team @ 2011 IBJJF Euro Championships mission complete!

A great week for Morefire and ICON Jiu-Jitsu Team at the IBJJF Euros with ICON Team winning many medals and placing first outright in the novice teams division. The standard was extremely high and well contested with nearly two thousand entrants from around the world ready to dispute the accolades which ended with possibly the biggest ever medal haul for UK & IRE competitors! ICON Team debuted with well over 100 warriors representing to generate a great atmosphere in the camp.

Pictures owned by http://www.combat-bjj.com

Medals for ICON Team include:

GOLD – Nick Brown
GOLD – Daddy Kabuiku
GOLD – Mark Dober
SILVER – Colin Byrne
BRONZE – Mat Smith
BRONZE – Faisal Tariq
BRONZE – Mal Kang
BRONZE – Samir Medjbeur
BRONZE – Delroy McDowell
BRONZE – Ramzan Ali


SILVER – Mohamed El Bakkali Icon JJ team
SILVER – Oleg Shevelyov Icon JJ team
SILVER – Alejandro Romero Lloret Icon JJ team
GOLD – David Nardi Icon JJ team
GOLD – Juan Jose Icon JJ team
BRONZE – Pedro Chacatas Icon JJ team
GOLD – Daddy Kabuiku Icon JJ team
SILVER – Natalie Ann Elwell Icon JJ team
SILVER – Andrea Bautista Paadin Icon JJ team
BRONZE – Jordan Baddi Icon JJ team
BRONZE – Jean Cavalli Icon JJ Team
BRONZE – Jose Doblas Moreno Icon JJ Team
BRONZE – Matthew Smith Icon JJ team
BRONZE – Faisal Tariq Icon JJ team
SILVER – Colin Byrne Icon JJ team
BRONZE – Mal Kang Icon JJ team
BRONZE – Didi Farid Icon JJ team
GOLD – Nicholas Brown Icon JJ team
BRONZE – Ilke Bulut Icon JJ team
BRONZE – Vinicius Constantino Icon JJ Team
BRONZE – Medjbeur Samir Icon JJ team
BRONZE – Delroy McDowell Icon JJ Team
BRONZE – delroy mcdowell Icon JJ team
BRONZE – vinicius constantino Icon JJ team
BRONZE – Serge Radermarcher Icon JJ team
SILVER – Antonio Marin Arriero Icon JJ team
GOLD – Mark Dober Icon JJ team
BRONZE – Wellington Araujo Icon JJ team
SILVER – Baruc Martin Barrios Icon JJ team
BRONZE – Paul Tsimos Icon JJ team
BRONZE – Ramzan Ali Icon JJ team
GOLD – Daniel Perez Montesdeoca Icon JJ team
BRONZE – adrinei edson piaia Icon JJ team
BRONZE – cristofer martin barrios Icon JJ team
BRONZE – rafael henrique bezerra Icon JJ team
BRONZE – juan grizzo Icon JJ team

Complete official results list can be found here .
Apologies if any results have been missed out.


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