New Gold Members Zone

Another reason to become a member with Morefire! This area is available only to Gold Members, it’s where you can find extra technique details, instructional articles & videos to keep you one step ahead of the rest, plus all of your Gold Membership information in one handy place. But more than that – the links added will only be the very best video links & articles I can find to either demonstrate the techniques perfectly or give extra insight into details that you may not have had the time for in class. Plus I will add my own notes detailing the pros and cons of the technique and any details that may have been missed out along with links to defences & counter attacks!

This will allow you to maximise your training by presenting what I consider are the finest and most effective vids and articles for you to study in detail in your own time ensuring you get the CORRECT info whilst others sift through youtube for tidbit, having to wade through lists of crap vids posted by wastemen, unsure as to wether the technique shown is legitimate or bogus – And trust me, there is A LOT of crap on Youtube! 😉

As this Area expands you will be able to use it as a virtual store-cupboard for all your best moves and strategies so that if ever you cant sleep for thinking about how to escape that choke or maybe you need to analyse a few details, or even brush up on a particular technique sequence you can always come back and pick it up from here. You can even add your own notes and videos up for discussion and safe-keeping. Everything will be kept as orderly as possible for easy access just when you need it most. And on top of all that Morefire will seek to add online voucher codes for you to redeem with some of the UK’s best fight gear, clothing stores and publications!

Here is a very basic example of the type of content you can expect (links disabled):

Mount top position: 3) Armbar with control.
Video Link: Very detailed instructional vid showing how collar attack leads to tight nearside & farside armbar
Positives – Good combination attack, High percentage finish, Detailed description, Optional variations for when it doesnt work.
Negatives – Not lifting the guy to his side allows for possibility of him tugging his elbow away from the attack. Doesnt emphasis sitting on the ribs ans also doesnt push the face when he goes to finish.
Video Link to the defence & escape:
Detailed instructional of how to escape when its all gone wrong and your arm is about to be hyper-extended


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