Seminar Report: 15th April 2011

The Nogi Seminar with Samir Medjbeur was a great success with some great details and punishing techniques being taught which impressed everyone who attended and there is no doubt that value for money was received as the experience and teachings gained will really effect the game of the students whos eyes seemed to be on stalks as Samir went through the positions and possibilities.

The event began with a simple warmup which evolved into regular pummel drills but soon delved into fine details being shown to increase effectiveness and controls as well as increasing the performance of takedown setups. From there the teachings exploded, flowing naturally to include subjects such as back takes, overhooks takedown variations, ankle picks, singles, doubles, knee bar, guard pass, side control position and pressure, far arm isolation, crucifix variations, arm bars, triangles, reverse triangle, attacking the turtle, etc, etc.

Samir went to great lengths to ensure all questions were given detailed answers and that any problems the students may have been having with certain positions were addressed. Morefire ICON Team would like to thank Samir and also Sami for taking the time to visit and share Jiu-Jitsu with us and Im sure this wont be the last we see of the guys. Osu!

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