2011 autumn/winter review

Congratulations all Morefire ICON Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Team members for a great year of team and individual development and athletic progress!! Been a while since we’ve been able to update the site here as we’ve been focused on training and preperations for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and things will only get better for 2012!

So much has happened in the latter half of this year that its probably best to do a mega-post reviewing all the news and happenings over the past few months up to the end of the year. So lets get things under way with a look back at 2011 autumn/winter in pictures, words and err videos:

SEPTEMBER 3, 2011. World Fighting Championship WFC3 MMA: Delroy & Jefferson both win in round 1, Submission and Technical Knockout stoppages.

Jefferson’s fight here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10150284693232041


ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championships, CONGRATULATIONS Zé Mario Sperry x Renzo Gracie

ADCC Highlight film: http://vimeo.com/33333379

October 29th, PRIDE MMA International 4 man Tournament Championship. Jefferson George wins first fight by oomaplata sweep to reverse triangle/armbar combination submission in round 2. Wins second fight by Triangle Choke, round 2 to become PRIDE MMA World Tournament Champion!

5th November, long awaited 5 hours JUDO Mega-Seminar Workshop by 2nd Dan Black Belt Steve Garrett at St. Katherines Judo Kwai. Attended by team members from Luton and Milton Keynes.

20th November, Octogon Quest MMA, Antwerp Belgium: Delroy McDowell wins Pro MMA fight by 1st round knee bar submission.

26th November, BJJ English Open Championships at Dartford Olympic Judo Centre. Morefire Team from Peterborough and Luton smash it with a haul of medals at this prestigious national competition. COD (‘Competitor Of the Day’)! Well the winner was Krsystoff for his great fights and new flowing style which included a nice Oomoplata and open guard back take which ended in a mahoosive medal for him PARABENS!!! 2nd place Jaden Nembhard-gill for good burpees!

11th December, BJJ London Open & KAYO MMA Watford. Sam, Martin and Krystoff went to compete BJJ plus Germaine and Jefferson fought MMA the same day. Well done all guys who fought hard and won medals for the team and also both guys who did very well in MMA including Germaine coming back from being rocked early to submit his opponent with a dominant arm bar finish from shoulder lock combination.

2011 AAMTIS – Annual Award for Most Tenacity & Indomnitable Spirit goes to Sam Campbell for excellent focus, passion and continued training and development throughout the year. He really has come on a lot in skills and knowledge and will be a real prospect for the future very soon! Congratulations Ossssu!

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