Wrestling & MMA @ Morefire

Morefire Fight Team are now offering Olympic Wrestling alongside the existing BJJ programes.

JSR Wrestling
0a298e_616601002c1e28a4a94de717e9092de9.jpg_srz_p_330_495_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzWe now provide regular Wrestling classes of the highest calibur led by Coach Jit Singh Rakhar who is a renowned international competitor and coach.  He has helped to prepare athletes to the highest level of competition in both Freestyle Wrestling and MMA over many years helping to raise the level and participation in the sport of Wrestling here in the UK. Whatever your level from beginners to advanced, he can help you to grow your skills with his vast experience and knowledge.

Mixed Martial Arts
10178152_1513568995529939_5052307339611987165_nWith our friendly, welcoming atmosphere you are invited to train at your own pace amoungst our already established stable of fighters both Amateur and Professional – including champions at international level. The addition of these sessions at our new gym based in Luton town centre means that you will be getting the right training for your level wether you are a beginner or advanced athlete.


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