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Brighton Open Tournament ’11

Congratulations to the ICON competition force who decended upon Brighton for the Summer Open Tournament. It was a long day filled with hard fights and everyone from Luton, Peterborough, Bedford, Northampton, Slough and Milton Keynes came together to support each other exceptionally to bring out some stellar, memorable performances.

Many medals were collected but special mention goes to Alim Hasan Islam who won ‘Competitor of the day’ for an excellently composed and disciplined display of top game guard passing. First outing for the Morefire War Wagon too which was epic by all standards!

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18th June Bournemouth Open

Lets go fight! Saturday 18th competitors from the different ICON Team academies in UK will be making trip down so if its your first time cmpeting this one will be really cool with a not too tense atmosphere but more of a summer party feel. But if youve been training hard and want to test yourself well lets go make it hot for those guys!

If you want to go DO NOT register online but instead please give your details and payments to your instructor asap as we will make a team booking instead of the usual individual entries.

ICON KIDS Team: Milton Keynes grading day!

CONGRATULATIONS to all the amazing children from Milton Keynes and Luton whose hard work over many months paid off with the receiving of promotion in rank! Some great skills were on display from the many young talents who were out in force – the future really is bright as the sky is the limit for these future champions, and things will only get better as the team grows and these athletes develop! Well done all and special congratulations to the coaches as the technique through dedication as well as enjoyment for the gentle art really was evident in each child who displayed amazing skill with control and compassion! AMAZING WORK GUYS!

The Milton Keynes Kids class has a Facebook page you can follow for information by clicking HERE!

Judo for Jiu-Jitsu Seminar report!

Had a great Judo for Jiu-Jitsu session last night where all participants really enjoyed the exposure to the sister art. For some it was the first attempt at pure tachiwaza (standing practice) and for others it is something that they practice regularly but for all it was a great class which focused on grip fighting, footwork, hip movement and off balancing amoungst others.

A great deal of fine details and  strategies were covered by 2nd Dan Black belt Steve Garrett from St. Katherines Judo Kwai whos talent for teaching and instruction was clear to see with smiles all round proving that the Judo bug is very catching! Many thanks once again to Steve for sharing his knowledge with us.

If you’re interested in training Judo please check out our local Judo club St. Katherines Judo Kwai and you may see some faces you already know as we have lots of guys training both Judo with Jiu-Jitsu already. I’m sure this recent Judo seminar will be the first of many as Judoka & Jiu-Jitsoka share, develop and grow together in Luton & Dunstable.

For more info on Judo in Luton & Dunstable at St. Katherines Judo Kwai please click the links and have a look at their facebook page and website.

Totally smashed it at the UK Premier Championships!

Totally forgot to post it here as was too busy celebrating but seriously what a great effort by all the team. In total 12 fighters travelled to Bristol to compete and we came back with a massive haul of medals, 6 of which were gold – helping to make UK ICON Team achieve 2nd place overall in the team standings which is a massive achievement!

The team showed great spirit and supported each other throughout a very long day of competition but what a result!!!

Congratulations to everyone who put it all on the line and left nothing on the mat, well done! And a special congratulations to Imran ‘Zola’ Salam who won the coveted and hotly contested ‘Fighter of the Day’ award for his amazing performances which included some fantastic technical takedowns, a show of incredibly tenacious determination all topped off with a spectacular chokehold finish to make one of his opponents tap-out.

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