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Morefire BJJ news and info

Get your 1 month FREE!!*

*Through any calendar month you can train for free with Black Belt coaching at Team Morefire. Yes, 1 whole month completely FREE wether you are a beginner & want to join our foundation quick start programme, or have experience & want to get stuck into training with the most successful Brazilian JiuJitsu team in Luton.

All you have to do is turn up & train or just watch to begin with if you prefer. No pressure, no hard sells, no politics,  just train & experience us firsthand then decide if you want to continue or not. Its your call!

Come & check out our dedicated dojo in Luton town centre & experience 1 whole calendar month for free training with champions of BJJ & MMA. Act now to benefit & see what the fuss is all about! Visit us at 2-4 George Street, Luton, LU1 2AN


Luton Class Timetable

Morning/Daytime Open Mat training by appointment only
18:30 | BJJ Juniors
19:30 | BJJ Seniors

(CLOSED DOORS: training by appointment & invitation only)
Morning/Daytime Open Mat training by appointment only
18:30 | Wrestling
19:30 | Free practice & Sparring (Competition team training)

Morning/Daytime Open Mat training by appointment only
20:00 | BJJ Seniors

(CLOSED DOORS: training by appointment & invitation only)
Morning/Daytime Open Mat training by appointment only

18:30 | BJJ Foundation drills session
19:30 | Free practice & Sparring (Competition team training)

Morning/Daytime Open Mat training by appointment only
18:30 | BJJ Juniors
19:30 | BJJ Seniors

*All times subject to change.
**Team training times may vary.

Wrestling & MMA @ Morefire

Morefire Fight Team are now offering Olympic Wrestling alongside the existing BJJ programes.

JSR Wrestling
0a298e_616601002c1e28a4a94de717e9092de9.jpg_srz_p_330_495_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzWe now provide regular Wrestling classes of the highest calibur led by Coach Jit Singh Rakhar who is a renowned international competitor and coach.  He has helped to prepare athletes to the highest level of competition in both Freestyle Wrestling and MMA over many years helping to raise the level and participation in the sport of Wrestling here in the UK. Whatever your level from beginners to advanced, he can help you to grow your skills with his vast experience and knowledge.

Mixed Martial Arts
10178152_1513568995529939_5052307339611987165_nWith our friendly, welcoming atmosphere you are invited to train at your own pace amoungst our already established stable of fighters both Amateur and Professional – including champions at international level. The addition of these sessions at our new gym based in Luton town centre means that you will be getting the right training for your level wether you are a beginner or advanced athlete.


Brighton Open Tournament ’11

Congratulations to the ICON competition force who decended upon Brighton for the Summer Open Tournament. It was a long day filled with hard fights and everyone from Luton, Peterborough, Bedford, Northampton, Slough and Milton Keynes came together to support each other exceptionally to bring out some stellar, memorable performances.

Many medals were collected but special mention goes to Alim Hasan Islam who won ‘Competitor of the day’ for an excellently composed and disciplined display of top game guard passing. First outing for the Morefire War Wagon too which was epic by all standards!

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WFC 2: Victory for Jefferson George

Congratulations to Jefferson whose training and dedication paid of last weekend as he dominated his opponent in all areas with a skillful display of the well rounded MMA game that he has been crafting over the past few months.

The fight began with an immediate clash of striking where Jeff gained the upperhand which culminated in a flurry of strikes that sent the opponent reeling and badly rocked from a well timed uppercut. As the opponent seeked to clinch to avoid more punishment he was driven against the cage where a tussle for dominance was played out with fighters switching position a couple of times. Finally Jeff accomplished a stronger clinch and switched to a single leg takedown then back to a deep high crotch where he lifted the man high for a big slam! Having secured an impressive takedown he easily controlled with his Jiu-Jitsu and took mount position where he looked to finish although with a last ditch attempt the opponent managed to reverse the position putting jefferson on his back. Unlucky for him the situation got worse though as Jefferson took the initiative to attack a lightning quick triangle choke which combined with a kimura armlock forced a sweep back to mount and the opponent was forced to submit to the choke.

Submission victory at 4 minutes of round 1.

Thanks to all the team at Morefire Luton where Jefferson trains plus all the family who helped Jeff train for this fight including ICON Team Milton Keynes, ICON FreeFlow Bedford, ICON Team Crossface MMA in Harrow, ICON Team Northampton and Northampton Crossfit who prepared Jefferson’s strength and conditiong program. The full fight will be shown on Sky Active Channel 281 shortly.